One from the vaults…

IN November 2019, my Petit Lenormand deck was nowhere to be found. Ordinarily, once a reading is done, my cards are returned to their appropriate place. However, upon opening the drawer there was no deck. Drawer after drawer yielded no cards; everything else was there, but no cards.

The missing set was the Carta Mundi. Since I first acquired this pattern I have formed a strong connection. It was neither the first nor last deck to enter my life, but it has become my Lenormand both personally and professionally.  I had another copy; but I had used this edition for many years.

I was devastated; where were the cards? I had last had them the day before when performing a GT.

So, I searched and searched. Much to my cats’ annoyance. They were very unhappy the cards were getting so much attention, again.

Having spent more than forty minutes searching for the cards, one felt that the best method going forward was a classic where-is-it horary. I noted the time, and fired up the laptop and cast the chart:


We see 6° Leo rising, and the chart was cast in the hour of Jupiter. Jupiter is the nocturnal lord of the eastern (fire) triplicity. Of the other considerations, nothing warns against judging the chart.  As Leo rises, the Sun represents me. The matter asked about is known as the quesited.

For lost objects, several different views existing on determining the significator. al-Kindī advocates the Moon, the natural significator of lost objects, with Dr. Benjamin Dykes, PhD., noting that the use of the Moon (rather than the second lord) acknowledges the item is no longer in your possession. If the Moon applies to the ascendant, it is often a strong testimony that the item will be found.

For inanimate objects, others advocate the lords of the second and fourth places. In my experience, the second often suffices. In this chart the second sign is Virgo, ruled by Mercury. For a set of fortune-telling cards, Mercury is a perfect significator and, therefore, one will take Mercury as the quesited.

Where is Mercury? We find him in the fourth place, at 4° Scorpio conjunct Venus. The fourth is one of the pivots or angles, and in charts concerning missing objects, angles will usually show that the object is close or nearby. Also, we see that Mercury is retrograde. When a significator of a missing item is retrograde, it often points to the item’s return as stated by Lilly.

Both Mercury’s angularity and retrogradation reassured me and confused me. If it was close by, surely I would have found it? Besides, his proximity to cusp perplexed me. Tik-tok, andy.

I forced myself to look again. The fourth house is associated with cellars and basements. Not applicable, here. It is also the sitting room, family space or den. The last place I used the cards had been in the sitting room I had searched.

Mercury is in the first five degrees of Scorpio, separating from Venus. Closer to the cusp = closer to the door. The third house often points to a study or office but is also hallway, and corridors, on the ground floor.

I then thought that the card could be in the antique fall-front desk in the corner; but alas, no.

In the home, Scorpio often indicates bathrooms and cupboards and storage, especially those that contain cleaning fluids. Venus, also, is associated with libations and purification.  And clothes.

It was then that I realised where the cards were. In the hall, underneath the staircase, there is a small cupboard that immediately faces the door into the sitting room. I use it to hang coats, umbrellas, scarfs, et cetera.

Currently hanging in there was several items ready to take to the dry-cleaning the following day.

One item was a coat that I had intended to wear the day before. However, due to rain, I had changed jackets at the last minute.

On taking the item out, the cards were found on the inner pocket. The cards (Mercury) was in an item of clothing (Venus) due to be cleaned (Scorpio) stored beneath the stairs (fourth place). Mercury\’s retrograde motion in a fixed, wet sign emphasised my change of mind due to the heavy rain. It was all so clear. Yet I had basically ignored Venus, focusing instead on Mercury\’s retrogradation and angularity. Venus is even in a partile square with the ascendant (me).

Thankfully, I had my Petit Lenormand back in my hands. The cats seemed happy, too. I finally went to bed!


Dame Fate’s Picturebook © abCartomancy 2010 – 2021


Dykes, B. and al-Kindī (2011). The Forty Chapters of a-Kindī. 1st ed. Minneapolis, Minn.: Cazimi Press
Frawley, J. (2005). The Horary Textbook. 1st ed. London: Apprentice Books.
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