When I was a child, my father let me look through a telescope at Jupiter. Although it was not clear, I was fascinated that these planets were “out there.

Over the years that interest has never left me. I started studying astrology in the 1990s. There had been a renewed interest in the 1980s in interrogations or horary charts and I started there. Although not a conscious decision at the time, I have focused on traditional methods — culminating with an emphasis on the Hellenistic and Perso-Arabic periods. As such, I do not reference sun-signs or the trans-Saturn bodies. I also use a Sidereal Zodiac (Krishnamurti).

I offer two forms of astrological readings: horary charts and birth chart.

Horary charts are the birth chart of a question. A chart is cast for the moment I read and understood your question. These readings cut straight to the point, making it perfect for those situations that require a very straight answer.


In traditional practice, birth charts are seen as a series of promises: wealth, health, marriage, career, et cetera. It weaves a portrait of your entire life and potential, good and bad. They are an elaborate affair and can take some time.


Please note, birth charts require an accurate time and location of birth.

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In 2018, Andy B ceased utilising the Tropical Zodiac. Charts are now calculated using the Krishnamurti ayanamsa.

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