Cartomancy is the method of divination utilising cards: from playing cards to the tarot cards and everything in between. Along with palmistry, cartomancy is my speciality.

Rather than listing readings by spread, I prefer to use size: small, medium and large. These are analogous to 20, 40 and 60-minute telephone consultations.


If you have an urgent question and need a fast answer, the small reading is perfect. Trust me the cards are razor-sharp and a line of three cuts to the bone.


The medium readings can determine an outcome as well as guidance on what is causing a problem, or what you can do. These readings are perfect for most questions.


Perhaps you want a deep dive. That is the large reading, then. These consultations examine issues in-depth, from start to finish, setting affairs into the broader context of your life.



Do you want to put all your cards on the table? We can do this in one of two ways:

  • The Petit Lenormand (36-cards)
  • Jeu de cartes français (52-cards)

The “big picture” (grand tableau) is a snapshot of one’s life. With all the cards dealt, you can see how all the different strands of your life intersect.

To establish appropriate significators, you will need to give some information.

£240.00 (Lenormand)
£260.00 (Playing Cards)

If you are unsure about which reading is right for you, drop me a message. We can work to design a bespoke reading within your price bracket.

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All consultations are sold according to our T&Cs.

Please note, Andy only offers Lenormand readings with the Grand Tableau.

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