My Aunt Elisa introduced me to the Petit Lenormand. Later on I had the good fortune to study with a French cartomante. At first, I thought it was a twee and somewhat childish set of cards. How wrong was I? I became fascinated.

Since 2010, I have been teaching students how to really connect with cards. There is no combination lists, as these do not help diviners. There is also no schools. Instead, I help students understand the essence of the card and its folklore. After we are done you will confident in your use of this remarkable little tool.

Programme # 01

The first programme is comprised of twelve readings. Each one is in response to a question, formulated by you, to a context set by me.

We use the following themes: relationships, career, finances, and well-being. Three traditional spreads of different sizes (three, six and nine cards) are taught.

Throughout the readings, you will master fundamental interpretive principles. These include the role of essence and function, combination and the playing-cards.

The programme aims to enable the student to grow in confidence and deliver incisive and precise readings. At the end of the course, students will be able to offer penetrating insights, but without becoming lost in detail.

I critique each reading and recommend performing two a month.


Programme # 02

How do you master the Grand Tableau? You learn to be focused. Performing four GTs, students will master this unnecessarily intimidating draw.

For each draw, you will focus on a specific area of life: career, finances, well-being, and relationships. By focusing on particular areas, you become familiar with the master cards and significators.

Over the four lessons, students will hone fundamental interpretive techniques. This includes: time, houses, intersection points, and counting. By cultivating such an understanding, the student will then understand how each technique is different and thus how and when to use them.

Each reading is critiqued by me. It is recommended students perform one or two per month.


 Dame Fate’s Picturebook © abCartomancy 2010 – 2020

Students will require either the Jeu Lenormand (Carta Mundi), French Cartomancy (Lo Scarabeo) or Blaue Eule (Königsfurt-Urania) decks.

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