From the moment I first saw a set of Tarot cards, I was enthralled. The cards are at once both mysterious and yet relatable. It is for this reason they are one of the most effective methods of divination.

As a professional diviner, I use two forms of Tarot cards: the Tarot de Marseille and the Smith-Waite Tarot. I offer mentoring in both of these distinct systems. The aim of these programmes is to help you understand the language of the cards and develop a true, intuitive dialogue.

The programmes are available to both beginner and experienced practitioners. In fact, quite a few professional readers have taken these courses to help them with event/predictive oriented readings and timing.

Marseille Programme # 01

The first course introduces students to non-esoteric cartomancy. It stresses the importance of image rather than symbol offering a more tangible view of the cards and thereby challenging students’ reliance on symbolic representation. Students thus achieve both a deeper and more direct understanding of the cards. That is essential for intuition.

Each student performs twelve readings of different sizes: three-cards (trumps), three + 2 cards (trumps + pips), five (whole deck). For each reading, the student will formulate a specific question to a set context. The four contexts are love, health, work and money.

I critique each reading.

At the end of the course, the student will be able to deliver more exact and more precise readings rooted in context. Their relationship with their cards will be stronger.


Smith-Waite Tarot Programme #1

Since its publication in 1909, the Smith-Waite has gone on to become the dominant Tarot pattern in the English-speaking world. Yet many people find it hard to relate the cards to events, especially contexts that seem at odds with the iconography. I designed this programme to tackle those problems.

You will perform twelve readings over four contexts. We use the standard career, finances, love and well-being. During the course, you will get to understand the suits, how to combine, and court cards. The three spreads are:

  • Line of Three
  • Pyramid (6 cards)
  • 3 x 3

After each reading, I will provide you with detailed feedback. In the end, you will be able to confidently read each card in different contexts without cliched meanings!


Marseille & Smith-Waite Programme # 02

This course can be taken with both the Marseille and Smith-Waite tarots. However the same deck must be used throughout. You cannot switch between.

This programme was created in response to numerous cartomantes requesting help with larger draws, especially those with positional meanings. Their Celtic Cross turned into ten one-card readings rather than a ten-card reading. The reading was disjointed, and they lost focus and, as a result, precision.

To prevent such issues, we cover four large readings and train you to see spreads as a whole. Seeing it this way enables you to avoid reading in a disjointed manner. You navigate the reading better. You know which parts relate. Consequently, you pull everything together to provide a concise synthesis.

The four spreads are:

  • The Horseshoe (7-cards)
  • The Celtic Cross (10-cards)
  • The Astrological Wheel (12-cards)
  • The Great Wheel (27 cards)

For each draw, you will use the entire 78-card deck. The readings are designed to teach cartomantes on multiples, court cards and significators, timing and the surprise. After completion, the student will have a strong understanding of the role of positional contexts and renewed confidence.


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