Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned reader looking to further her skillset, my mentoring programmes can help.  

My one-to-one mentoring courses developed from my Cartomantes’ Cabinet Lenormand courses. Over five hundred students from across the world took the course. In the students’ feedback, they all praised the emphasis on practical skill-building and reading. Each lesson and module centred on readings, rather than theory and cards’ meanings. 

The mentoring programmes are the same; you learn all the skills by doing actual readings. After all, you want to be a diviner, not a theorist! There are no lectures on history or significations. 

I offer mentoring with 

Depending on the programme you will perform a set number of readings.  

After each reading, I give you a critique. My feedback is 100 % honest. If you falter, I will show you. Where you excel, I will do the same. This develops and tightens your skills, identifying strengths and weaknesses, making you incisive, precise, and confident.

Whether you want to read your own cards or become a pro, I will help you reach your goals. If you are professional and desire further development, you are also welcome. Quite a few professional readers have studied with me, especially those wanting a more predictive edge or better success at timing readings.

Students can take any programme at any time and in any order. You do not have to do both programmes. The sole requirement is a willingness to learn and a desire to learn.


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