Here you will find an index for The Picturebook of Fate: The Fortune-Teller’s Tarot series as well as supplementary entries such as cards’ significations and spreads.

The Picturebook of Fate: The Fortune-Teller’s Tarot

The Picturebook of Fate:  The Tarot Cards’ Meanings

Over time it has become standard to delineate cards under headings such as relationships, career &c. Based on both experience and student-feedback, it is a practice that I forgo. Instead, I follow the time-honoured approach of introducing the most fundamental significations that can be absorbed and refined through actual readings.

The Picturebook of Fate: The Spreads

As explained in the second entry, I believe that a diviner should cultivate a small pool of spreads that she works consistently and regularly. In the series, I have naturally demonstrated my own “working” spreads.

Alongside these, however, one has also included several favourites from both classical cartomancy and draws from respected practitioners and writers such as Oswald Wirth, Minetta, Colette Silvestre, Charles Platt, Basil Ivan Rakoczi, and Alfred Douglas.

As always, I encourage the reader to experiment and find her own working pool.

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