AS part of The Picturebook of Fate: The Fortune-Teller’s Tarot series, I have summarised the cards’ exoteric or predictive divinatory values. Here you will find delineations for the 21-trumps, or Atouts, and the Fool or Excuse card.   

The significations given here are from the second appendix of my unpublished manuscript, Tarot de Marseille: Fortūna’s Picturebook. During the trumps chapters, I concentrated on the technique I refer to as unveiling the eikṓn rather than merely offering keywords. However, the summarisations provided here are consistent with the eikṓns and traditional divinatory values.

I have removed two categories that do not pertain to this series’ focus (temperament and matters of Arte).


I: The Juggler (Le Bateleur).

Success obtained through the careful manipulation of circumstances or events. Change in position when preparation meets opportunity. Control of conditions. Self-reliance.

Essence: Cunning.
Polarity: Neutral.
Timing: Wednesday. Within 3-months’ time. 

Career: The Juggler often points towards self-employment or consultancy roles. Other areas include entertainment, media, technology, and advertisement.

Health: Primary headache disorders, particularly migraines. Also, to a lesser extent, issues affecting the hands and fingers: carpal tunnel syndrome, Raynaud’s phenomenon, Dupuytren’s Disorder, spasms.

II: The Popess (La Papesse).

Unforeseen changes or developments that will necessitate adaptations to current plans. Difficulties solved through the application of common-sense and logic. Answers revealed through study married with reflection.

Essence: Contemplation.
Polarity: Neutral.
Timing: May. Also: New Moon.

Career: The Popess often points towards archivists, librarians, curators, bookkeepers, and accountants. Other roles include insurance, actuary, and for women, traditional male-associated roles.

Health: The Popess is associated with otorhinolaryngology but mainly the throat and voice. Communication disorders can be an issue. Other times she indicates the need for tests and second opinions.

III: The Empress (L’Impératrice).

Commencement of a promising period of activity or new initiatives. The arrival of significant news and communications. Comfort and fulfilment. An offer to intercede or make an introduction on behalf of the Querent.

Essence: Communication.
Polarity: Neutral.
Timing: July.

Career: Journalism, public relations, marketing, translators, editors, and so on. For men, the card can indicate traditional-female roles: childcare, personal assistants, hairdressers, &c.

Health: Gynaecological – dysmenorrhea, cervical cancer, Bartholin’s cyst, &c. Also, illnesses more common in females: hyperthyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, and so on.

IIII: The Emperor (L’Empereur).

Successful end to an initiative or completion of a period of activity. Position of authority or status achieved. Querent has allies or someone of influence and means to support her in difficult times.

Essence: Management.
Polarity: Neutral.
Timing: Thursday. Within 12 years. 

Career: Corporate governance, politicians, alongside senior roles and business management. For a woman, it can indicate a job role in a so-called masculine profession: blacksmith, builder, mechanics.

Health: Andrology related – vasectomy, testicular cancer, phalloplasty, &c. Other times he points to illnesses more common in men: heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, lung cancer, and so on.

V: The Pope (Le Pape).

Percipience arises from erudition and inspiration (intuition). Gatekeeper. Querent’s conscience is the guiding light in difficulties. Steadfastness and unshakeable faith. In love, promise of fidelity and marriage, civil partnership, &c.

Essence: Wisdom.
Polarity: Positive.
Timing: December.

Career: Of course, the card indicates religious vocations of any creed (including neopaganism). Secular roles include doctors, teachers, counsellors, diviners and social care.

Health: Most of the time, the Pope indicates a doctor or specialist. Otherwise, he is a good sign of recovery.

VI: The Lover (L’Amoureux).

A crossroads reached in life, which necessitates the careful consideration of options. Feeling torn between two people or different directions. The interference of third parties in the Querent’s relationship or affairs. In relationships, a love-triangle or rivalry.

Essence: Vacillation.
Polarity: Neutral.
Timing: Friday. Within 7-months.

Career: Sexual health workers, relationship counsellors, temp workers, part-time work and so on. More often, however, the Lover indicates that the Querent lacks direction. Career advice is needed.

Health: The Lover indicates all sexual infections and diseases. There is an overlap with the Empress and Emperor as it can indicate the genitalia. Unlike the Empress and Emperor, the Lover tends to show that another problem is affecting the sex-organs, e.g. diabetes affecting the ANS leading to erectile dysfunction, or depression and the loss of libido.

VII: The Charioteer (Le Chariot).

Success in undertakings through effort and perseverance often after the previous failure. Control and self-reliance bring tangible rewards and recognition of talent and capabilities. The influence of Dame Fate and the hand of providence in one’s Destiny.

Essence: Accomplishment.
Polarity: Positive.
Timing: Tuesday. Within 2-years.

Career: The Charioteer has strong connections with the armed forces. It does also pertain to fitness (personal trainers, &c), mechanics, blacksmiths, iron work, and so on.

Health: Ordinarily, the Charioteer indicates that one has a strong constitution but can from time to time overdo it. Also, it can indicate sports injuries and also motion sickness.

VIII: Justice (La Justice).

Causality. Procedural justice, in contrast to distributive justice. Righteousness and accountability, but with mercy. Evidence gathered and weighed with judgement reached accordingly. Balance.

Essence: Veracity.
Polarity: Neutral.
Timing: October.

Career: Naturally, the card signifies the legal profession (including support roles, e.g. legal secretaries, barristers’ clerks). The card indicates jobs in human resources, the civil service, city or town councillor workers outside of the legal area.

Health: The card is associated with the respiratory system. Common illnesses include asthma, chest infections and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In the context of health care should be taken if Justice is near the Devil, the Moon and the World cards.

VIIII:  The Hermit (L’Hermite).

Period of solitude often but not invariably after some form of separation or the end of a chapter in life. The need for discretion in conduct and communication; false friends abound. The need to wait and test the ground beneath the feet. Convalescence.

Essence: Prudence.
Polarity: Neutral.
Timing: Saturday. By February 3.

Career: Jobs indicated by the Hermit often involve working with people who are elderly, social isolated or homeless. It also connects with agricultural workers, miners, plumbers and low-paid professions.

Health: The Hermit often pertains to age-related illnesses, such as incontinence, osteoarthritis, and hearing loss. However, the card also indicates oedemas, neuralgia, sciatica and gout.

X:  The Wheel of Fortune (La roue de Fortune).

Circuitous change (ups and downs, peaks and troughs), neither good nor bad. Gain balanced by loss. Natural evolution or cycles. Repetition.

The Wheel of Fortune signifies the sublunary sphere: the sphere of ever-changing nature. Thus, it often discloses the effect of forces in life in contrast to the Angel card, which refers to the cause.

Essence: Rotation.
Polarity: Neutral.
Timing: June. Also: by the next equinox or solstice, whichever is first.

Career: Of course, it signifies the gambling industry; however, it also covers video game industries, the finance sector, and seasonal work or jobs that are fixed term with an end-date.

Health: Quite often, the Wheel of Fortune points towards co-morbidity, whereby one or more illnesses existing simultaneously with a primary condition. With the Popess, one condition could be masking another. Otherwise seasonal illnesses or those characterised by flares come under the Wheel of Fortune card.

XI:  Fortitude (La Force).

Courage in the face of adversity leads to overcoming difficulties, either present or future. The restoration of health after a period of sickness. Natural force and the power of nature harnessed.

Essence: Endurance.
Polarity: Positive.
Timing: August.

Career: All jobs involving animals from veterinarians, conservationist, pet groomers and so on. None animal professions include occupational therapists, physiotherapist, speech and language therapist and so on.

Health: Anatomically, the Fortitude card is associated with the heart and related conditions such as hypercholesterolaemia, hyper and hypotension, angina, arrhythmia and so on.

XII: The Hanged Man (Le Pendu).

The arrival of a period of challenges and vicissitudes, often causing a suspension or hiatus in projects or success. Necessary deferment or sacrifice. Defamation or gossip. Occasionally, sacrifice and love (altruistic love).

Essence: Suspension.
Polarity: Negative.
Timing: January.

Career: The card signifies roles in the prison or probation services. Sometimes it refers to charity workers, particularly those involved in youth work or working with disadvantaged backgrounds.

Health: The card is associated with the legs, ankles and feet. Issues such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, Achilles tendinitis and varicose veins are quite common significations.

XIII:  The Reaper or the Nameless Card (La Mort, Le Faucheur or L’Arcane Sans Nom).

The complete overturning of the Querent’s circumstances. Losses often but not invariably financial or affecting the material circumstances of the Querent. A decision often to the detriment of the Querent. At times, a death.

Essence: Demise.
Polarity: Negative.
Timing: Now. Also: At The Wild Hunt.

Career: The card is, of course, associated with professions such as undertakers, morticians, pathologists and bereavement counsellors. The card can also signify house clearance, refuse workers, waste disposal and so on.

Health: The Reaper signifies the skeletal system, which includes the teeth. It often points towards toothache, fractures, temporomandibular disorder, osteoporosis, Ricket’s, osteomyelitis. It can indicate surgery, especially if with the God-House card.

XIIII: Temperance (Tempérance).

Vitality and passion married with intelligence and restraint. Desired outcome achieved by the correct balance of skill and effort. Traditionally, a good marriage but better understood as a bond of temperaments. Time — particularly in terms of the election or knowing of the right moment.

Essence: Measure.
Polarity: Positive.
Timing: February.

Career: Tempérance signifies the hospitality industry: food, lodging, recreation and so on. It also includes specialist roles such as food scientist and environmental health, particularly when with the Star card.

Health: In itself, the Temperance card indicates good health, both mental and physical. It does emphasise the importance of a good diet and exercise, but does not mean abstinence. Otherwise, it can point to the circulatory system.

XV:  The Devil (Le Diable).

The start of a period of ill-health or deterioration in an existing illness. Powerful and overwhelming force or compulsion. A malignant presence in the Querent’s life often involving subjugation or domination. Deceit and lies.

Essence: Enslavement.
Polarity: Negative.
Timing: November.

Career: The Devil card does not relate to specific professions, but will often indicate someone trapped in a job they hate, on minimum wage, or long-term unemployment.

Health: The Devil card itself is a card of sickness in general. It breaks down our bodies’ defences (immunity). More specifically, it refers to autoimmune illnesses (lupus, type-I diabetes, &c), as well as the elimination system.

XVI:  The God-House (La Maison Dieu).

An unforeseen calamity, sometimes a warning of pride before a fall or the past catching up with you. Disagreement or conflict in relations, sometimes resulting in a split. Request for assistance or hospitality refused or even eviction. Divine retribution.

Occasionally, a hospital or prison or structural property damage. Also: fires, floods and extreme weather.

Essence: Destruction.
Polarity: Negative.
Timing: By December 4. Also, the Great Sabbath.

Career: The God-House often points towards careers in the fire service, paramedics, and to a lesser extent, the police. Other professions include construction and demolition as well as aid workers.

Health: Very often, the God-House signifies a hospital. With the Popess, one might undergo tests, whereas the Hanged Man would often infer an admission. Of course, accidents (especially head injuries) can be predicted, too.

XVII:  The Star (L’Étoile).

The beginning of regeneration in one’s circumstances or affairs. The offer of help, often unexpectedly. Trust and honesty between people or in dealings. Hope for the future. Clarity, such as knowing what must be done or your destiny.

Essence: Renewal.
Polarity: Positive.
Timing: September.

Career: The card often points to environmental science, biochemistry, botany, and of course anything relating to astronomy. It can also indicate beauticians and jobs involving spas, masseuses and well-being and so on.

Health: The Star card connects to the largest organ in the body, the skin, and also the stomach. With the Sun dry skin might be an issue, whereas weeping wounds with the Moon.

XVIII: The Moon (La Lune).

The beginning of a period of instability. A constant shift in circumstances or inconstancy of individuals. Hidden enemies or secret agendas with the possibility of betrayal. Lapse of judgement or the grip of imagination left to run wild.

Essence: Darkness.
Polarity: Negative.
Timing: Monday. Also: 28 days, or Full Moon.

Career: The card signifies fishers, trawlers, sailors, taxi drivers, couriers, commercial divers, marine biologists. It can sometimes indicate someone works at night.

Health: The Moon often indicates sleep disorders such as insomnia, somnambulism (sleepwalking), and depression and anxiety. With the Hanged Man, the latter can be severe and crippling/long-term or PTSD.

XVIIII:  The Sun (Le Soleil).

The beginning of a period of progress. The beginning of new love affair, or reconciliation between partners, both characterised by true love and mutual respect. Success in professional and financial affairs. Truth and the ability to see-clear (claircognisance).

The Sun card signifies our children. It presence removes any worry of infertility, as it predicts pregnancy.

Essence: Illumination.
Polarity: Positive.
Timing: Sunday. Within a year.

Career: The card often refers more to seniority or fame than a specific profession. In itself, it will often point to jobs involving children or metaphysics.

Health: The Sun is the vitality and health card but does signify the eyes, and the central nervous system. As it is the card of fertility and pregnancy, it can indicate common health conditions associated with pregnancy .

XX:  The Angel (Le Jugement).

Second chances. The return of someone from the past or a reunion between people. A change status, good or bad. The shedding of deadwood. Call to a vocation or a “sign” from higher powers—including, inductive divination.

The Angel signifies the primum mobile. The cause behind circumstances in the reading.

Essence: Resurrection.
Polarity: Neutral.
Timing: March.

Career: The card can signify someone who works in broadcasting, including runners, researchers and so on. Musicians. Other professions include restoration, antiques, conversion and developers (property).

Health: The Angel card is somewhat challenging in health. It can indicate a relapse as well as the end of remission, including the reoccurrence of cancer. That must be supported with other cards. On rare occasions, often with the Popess, it can mean auditory disorders. Otherwise it often pertains to improvement.

XXI: The World (Le Monde).

A sense of personal gratification and triumph with the outcome or the realisation of a personal goal. Matters reaching their natural conclusion and synthesis. Travel and at times emigration or relocating. Protection and comfort.

Essence: Totality.
Polarity: Neutral.
Timing: By August 15.

Career: The card does point towards the travel sector especially roles which involves travelling (pilot, cabin crew, travel representative). It can indicate a promotion especially if it involves the need for relocation or moving work premises.

Health: The World card pertains to viruses and infections that are transmitted between people or through the environment. This includes influenza and herpes simplex.


The Fool (Le Mat).

Unwise choices on the part of the Querent cause serious consequences or setbacks. Failure to learn lessons. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Selfishness and hot-headedness. Cave canem!

Essence: Imprudence.
Polarity: Negative.
Timing: April.

Career: The Fool connects with cash-in-hand jobs, drifters and illegal workers. Most of the time it refers to jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none people.

Health: Most of the time, the Fool warns that we might cause ourselves or others injury, either through stupidity (careless driving) or taking risks. Sometimes it can indicate a cognitive impairment or mental imbalance, but other cards must support it.

Dame Fate’s Picturebook © abCartomancy 2010 – 2021

Cards: Ancient Tarot Major Arcana © B.P. Grimaud/John Waddington Ltd, Leeds & London.

This text has been adapted from Tarot de Marseille: Fortūna’s Picturebook (unpublished) © Andy B. No part of this text may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the copyright owner.

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